$30 / hr : 28th Dec - 31st Dec, 2019 : BEYOND THE VALLEY : Lardner Park (VIC) Must have ABN and Invoice CLEAN VIBES after the event Working directly with Clean Vibes in Sustainability and Waste Management 4 x Shifts between 10 -11 hours with breaks Task will include the following but not limited too: - litterpicking - emptying rubbish bins - cleaning tables - walking through campgrounds handing out rubbish bags to patrons - waste sorting Staff must camp onsite there will be staff camping allocated to us they will need to bring a tent and their own equipment. Lunch and Dinner will be provided every day of work. Hours are varied but successful applicants can expect 4 days work between the 28th – 31st Dec, 2019 with total hours ranging from 34 hours to 40 hours. A great way to earn a bucket load of cash in 4 days , really!

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