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Many Hands Event Solutions recruits volunteers throughout the year for our managed events.

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Apply here for a chance to volunteer at these festivals and events and don’t forget to read the FAQ’s – it’s super important you know what you’re signing up for!

A3 2024

A3 is a distinct and deliberate gathering of electronic music surrounded by meaningful design, architecture and art. At both its centre and its periphery, a series of innovations across audio, visual and spatial disciplines. Three (3) days of carefully fractious and rewarding programming offer a conduit to open artistic expression, cross-cultural collaboration and boundless connection, just seventy-five (75) minutes from Melbourne.

Volunteer For: Lardner Park, 155 Burnt Store Rd, Lardner VIC 3820
29 November 02 December 2024

FAQs - Know what your signing up for

Just because you are reading this – we think you're RAD already!

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the magic of building and running the festival. You get to work with the people that create the festival as well other awesome vollies and of course watch the bands and enjoy the festival in return for your shift. It’s a win / win really!

Jobs and shift times are varied, and change with each festival. If you check out each festival application it will show you the available shifts. Our favourite thing to do is to connect people with the jobs that they can shine in. Make sure you tell us about yourself and what makes your boat float!

What’s good about this?

Many Hands LOVE our vollies – we try to make this the best experience possible for you. You will receive:

  • A festival pass
  • An Info Pack
  • Access to camping facilities at the festival
  • A pretty RAD experience working with Many Hands and the crew
  • A limited edition vollie t-shirt to love and cherish and take back to the real world

Okay – I’m In – What do I need?

  • You’ve have to be 18 or over on the date arrival.
  • Be available for your chosen shift time/s
  • To be able to follow direction and really go for it on your shift
  • A water bottle, hat and sunscreen. You may be working in the sun – Make sure you are prepared!
  • Many Hands is an environmentally minded company- Single use plastic ( water bottles ) will NOT be supplied and we will probably frown a little bit if you use them.
  • Documentation that proves your right to work/ volunteer in Australia

What does it cost me?

$2.20 to verify your credit card.
A few hours of your time.

Get Involved

  • Sign up. It’s free and it’s easy.
  • Keep your eye on your inbox – we will be sending you important information regarding application deadlines.
  • Apply for the festival of your choice.
  • Its first in best dressed really – So best to get cracking. We’ll close the applications when all the shifts are full.

When do I find out if I’ve been accepted?

We’ll confirm your application after we’ve had a good look at it. You can usually expect to hear from us within a few weeks.

We do give preference to repeat vollies, and will refuse applications for one of the following reasons:

  • If you don’t match up to the festivals requirements- eg not 18 yrs or older.
  • If you have been blacklisted by us or the festival.

When do I get my shift?

Usually 3 weeks before the festival.

Why do I have to agree to the Terms and Conditions?

We ask you to sign this to assure that you are in the know about all your obligations as a vollie.

We know festivals are super fun places, and its easy to get carried away in glitter and good times. We need to make sure you are going to turn up to your shift, and the legally binding way to do this is to get you to tick the agreement. You wont be able to volunteer with us unless you agree to these terms and conditions.

Why do you need my credit card details?

We do this so we can securely capture your credit card details and then charge you if you don’t turn up for your shift or don’t adhere to the terms and conditions of volunteering. Although we firmly believe in the good in everyone -Imagine if we didn’t do this? Every person and their glitter tights would be applying just for a free ticket!

Can I work with friends?

Absolutely! Make sure you request them, and they request you! We will try our best, but can’t always guarantee this. You also may not be on the same job, but maybe on the same shift time. Not really a biggie- you’ll be partying together after your shift anyway!

Arggghh – The line up was announced and my shifts are on the same time as my ALL TIME fave band?

Okay – We are music lovers too- We totally get this. Being a volunteer means that you may have to work when your favourite band is on. It is a slim chance that this may happen. If it does – and you REALLY can’t cope- email us. We’ll see what we can do – although shift changes are VERY rare indeed.

Please keep this in mind when you apply to be a vollie

Oh no, I missed my shift?

We hold no qualms about this one. If you miss your shift/ are late for your shift or turn up under the influence, you WILL be charged for your ticket and blacklisted at future events

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